PDDL Solver


The solver component of planning.domains hosts a wide variety of planning services that represent some of the most common planners found in the planutils project. You can invoke the software either by sending links to the PDDL files or sending raw PDDL content in JSON format directly to retrieve a plan. This service replaces the legacy solver (details archived here).

More details on the API usage will be provided here soon, but in the meantime you can find all of the info on the project below from the open source repository.

Open Source Project

The solver.planning.domains service is meant to be for educational purposes only. If you would like to have a more robust and dedicated solution for solving planning problems as a web service, then the best option is to host your own private version of the solver framework.

The core of solver.planning.domains is released as open source software, and you can find all of the details at the public repository. You can replace the planners used by the editor to solve problems, parse and return different or further information, etc. If you have any feedback on improvements or bugs that exist, then please do let us know by filing a bug report.